Three Lights

Three Lights is a MIDI visualization created using some custom software that I’m working on. MIDI is sent from drum triggers into a web application, which renders colorful shapes, and is then projected onto the wall behind me. 


Generative MIDI Visualizations

I’m currently working on software that produces customizable visualizations from MIDI data. The software is able to “listen” to MIDI that is produced on a computer (in a DAW like Logic Pro, or from a MIDI keyboard) and generate visuals based on its content.

Below are a few examples. Each of these was generated in real time from MIDI in Logic Pro:

Using chords generously donated by Nico Muhly and a randomly-generated color assortment:

Using chords generously dontated by Cory Smythe:


This Mess

“This Mess” is a collaboration between myself and Nico Muhly

Nico and I discussed “Five In Nines” and “Quintuplets” on Living Music with Nadia Sirota.



acrylic on canvas

acrylic on canvas
greens and reds

acrylic on canvas
greys and red and purple

acrylic on canvas

pink brown orange pink yellow red

acrylic on canvas